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Gallery: Unsolved Crimes

Yes, we know it only seems to be all about new screens at the moment but given that we’ve only just had E3, that’s all you can really expect. Fortunately this is one we’ve been looking forward to and Unsolved Crimes is, said to be, an absorbing, enthralling, character driven adventure video game experience which integrates the thrills of an action game with the mental challenges of a 3D crime investigation.

You're a rookie detective - part of the Homicide Division. An aspiring model, Betsy Blake has disappeared. A loner is the prime suspect. But this case is a whole lot deeper than it first appears… Crime is rampant in this city, and the disappearance of Betsy Blake is the latest in unnerving series of events that are slowly bringing New York City to its knees. Can you crack the cases the regular cops can't? And can you get to the bottom of the kidnapping that's all over the news? It's up to you to disentangle the truth from lies, and try to save Betsy before it's too late.

Source: ds-x2

New Game Modes Coming To CoD4

Even though Halo 3 may have taken over Call Of Duty 4 as the most played Xbox Live title, Infinity Ward has not given up! Infinity Ward are planning to add an additional 4 game modes. Although there is currently no set date yet as to when these new playlists will go online, but I imagine it won't be too long now.

After glancing over the list of upcoming modes it would seem that a couple are just old modes that have been redone with the good old 'Hardcore' prefix though some looks quite interesting. Be sure to read over the list of new game modes, courtest of FourZeroTwo.

Bare-bones Team Deathmatch
No more excuses. No more blaming Martyrdom or Juggernaut for your lack of skills and kills. Bare Bones Team Deathmatch eliminates the excuses and takes it back to basics with standard Team Deathmatch with no perks, no kill streak rewards. Just you, your skill, and your weapons.

Hardcore HQ
Hardcore HQ requires a lot more than just spamming the HQ position with nades and running in guns blazing. Hardcore HQ encourages more tactical gameplay and communication to win with increased damage, no HUD elements, and friendly fire on.

Multi-bomb Search and Destroy
Multi-bomb Search and Destroy starts every member of the attacking team with a bomb. So everyone has the opportunity to plant if they’re good enough.

Hardcore FFA
Even faster paced Free For Alls, where every bullet counts and playing smart is key for a solid k/d ratio. Standard Free for All rules, with Hardcore mode enabled for extra damage, no HUD, and no health re-gen.

Source: Leeds Student Gamers

First Demigod Trailer

Gas Powered Games finally releases a debut trailer for their upcoming title Demigod, which is being described as an amalgamation of action, RPG and RTS genres. Check it out:

Demigod is being developed exclusively for the PC.

Source: actiontrip

Xbox 360 60GB Already In The Wild

The official street date for the new 60GB equipped Xbox 360 — the new "Pro" model — isn't for another week, but some retailers (Target) are already selling the console. It's priced at $349, a not-quite-a-price drop replacement for the 20GB model, if you're in the market for an extra 40 gigabytes. Your mileage may vary, but if you happen to cruise by a Target on the way home, you might score.

Xbox 360 60GB already out at Target [Penny College via Gizmodo]

Source: Kotaku

Semi hands on with the PSP GPS unit

Sony had a working version of their GPS package at Comic-Con to play with, but it didn’t really “work”. The PSP was tethered on the show floor and the receiver wasn’t properly getting data either since it was buried inside the convention center. Unlike the build I saw at CES the software has been updated with full US maps. Sony included a handful of 3D maps for major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I asked if we will be able to buy maps for Europe and there are no plans for that, but Sony is considering releasing downloadable content with points of interest in North America. The GPS unit is currently scheduled to come out around this holiday season and it will be packaged with the US mapping software.

I asked if Sony has any plans to bring the camera over too. A representative felt the 1.3 MegaPixel Chotto Shot camera wasn’t powerful enough since many cell phones have cameras with a higher resolution. At this time I agree with Sony. It's too late for the Chotto Shot / Go!Cam unless Sony starts making games that work with the peripheral.

Source: Siliconera

The Wheelman: video presentation

Here is a video presentation of The Wheelman made during E3 2008 on the Midway booth. The game scheduled for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC has recently been delayed to early 2009.

Source: Gamekyo

Counter-Strike coming to XBLA?

Valve’s Director of Marketing Doug Lombardi certainly seems hopeful.

In an interview with OXM, Lombardi was asked about games currently in development at Valve including Half Life 2: Episode 3, Left 4 Dead, and Portal: Still Alive. After responding to a question about Portal DLC, he was asked about bringing old games on to the Xbox Live Arcade. And on Counter-Strike, resonded with: “We’ll certainly consider it,”

Would you think about bringing older Valve games like Counter-Strike to XBLA?
We’ll certainly consider it. If you look at what we’ve done on steam, we try to make all our games available and we’re always reviewing the prices to keep them current. We’d love to do that, but this is our first step at doing that beyond the PC.

Former Microsoft employee and Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell has always maintained a healthy relationship with the PC and looks to finally be bringing that over to the Xbox 360. Orginally being a PC developer, making the move to the Xbox console was much easier for Valve, which may be the reason for the Xbox 360 getting Valve exclusives such as Portal: Still Alive and Left 4 Dead, and this may also be the reason the Playstation 3 version of The Orange Box was seriously lacking.

Along with Portal DLC and Counter-Strike, the interview goes on to mention things such as the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2: Episode 3. Lombardi also seems to reaffirm the relationship between Valve and Microsoft saying: “We don’t have any immediate plans to do this on PS3 or Nintendo.”

Click here for the full OXM interview with Doug Lombardi.

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